If Students Know Tech, They Lead the Future


  Are you a dynamic school that is committed to putting the needs of the students first and providing a first-class education that includes the full breadth of technological choices available to students? If so, then I'm your perfect fit!  Ideally, your school has or is moving toward a mixture of technology integration, specialist technology classes and online courses to provide all students exposure to and proficiency in 21st Century skills, while enabling students who choose to pursue technology the ability to achieve the highest levels possible, leading to university and career choices in technology. I strongly believe in making students more than just consumers of technology, but creators of technology.


   My goal for all my students is that they become independent learners of technology, enabling them to learn new software on their own and confidently face the constantly changing technology landscape that is their future. Many of my students tell me how they are continuing to learn new tech skills after they have completed my courses, demonstrating that these students are truly going to be life-long learners, creators, and users of technology.


   Teaching and working with students is my joy.  While my passion is teaching problem solving through programming and robotics, I've enjoyed teaching multimedia and productivity applications and watching the creativity of the students develop.  This naturally spills over to my colleagues as well as they regularly seek out my help in projects for their classes.  As the Moodle administrator for my program, I am currently supporting 21 teachers using 70 courses so I am comfortable giving training and support to my peers. Although I've not had the opportunity to be an integrator yet, I believe that I would easily adapt to that role because of my own creativity and ability to produce technological solutions.

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Academic Bridge Program

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Where am I from?

Born in upstate New York and transplanted to south Florida, I really grew up in both places: Ft. Lauderdale, FL for the school year and outside of Rochester, NY for the summer and so I consider both cities to be 'home.' Having completed my Bachelor's degree in Orlando, I called that city 'home' while I began my teaching career. My summers now are filled with travel as I make it to all three cities to see family and friends.

Where am I going?

Having worked in Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, I am now ready to go just about anywhere in the world. I've learned that living in a new culture is really what you decide to make of it. I like to get out and meet host country nationals, see the countryside, try to understand the history, and enjoy the cultural life of the country.

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