At American School of Doha, I taught AP Computer Science, Introduction to Programming, and , for one year, I oversaw a student who did an independent study course in IB Computer Science SL.

In Introduction to Programming, the students started with Scratch, a program created by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at MIT. With this, they programmed animations and then games, all in six weeks. Students then moved into more complex programming environments, Alice or GameMaker, for four weeks. The remainder of the semester was spent learning Java through a graphical environment that required students write real Java code. I used both Becker's Robots and Greenfoot.  Click on the images to see examples of each software.

Below are three games created by students over the years and all are done in Scratch. It provides the simplest way to view the students' projects on my own website so that's why I chose Scratch examples. The text on the right is the student's comment about his/her game and notes to read before you start. To start playing a game, click on the Green Flag in the center of each game. To stop a game, click the Stop Sign. I've also included direct links back to the projects' original posts so you can see comments from other students in the classes.

ROAD RAGE! by Zach, grade 10

a game of avoiding cars and blowing them up. Survive 100 seconds to move on to the 60 second Hardcore round. Where your vehicle may (or may not) go out of control.


Feel free to post your score in the comment box and show others how you did. My current highscore is 306 but that will change soon enough. Most importantly have fun and if you enjoy my game go ahead and try anything else I created.


Controls are left and right arrow keys. Spacebar is to shoot but you have to wait untill your gun is charged (upper left hand corner is = 100).


When you lose all your health you will lose. This game may take a few tries but overall it is not that challenging. Good Luck!


Note: If you find the music annoying feel free to turn off your sound. I had to turn mine off after the fourth time through.


Road Rage on Scratch website

Popcorn Dash by Max, grade 11



Popcorn Dash on Scratch Website

Hatman by Michael, grade 9

OK, well lets start. This is only my second scratch game, so cut me some slack if there are some issues. Lets start with some basics. Story: Who is Hatman? A lone ranger. A free flyer. A solo sailer. He has come from countless of japanese hat makers in the sacred mountains of Japan. He has come to kill Scissorman and save his tradition. Scissorman is giving the people of Japan haircuts so beutiful and perfect, that nobody feels it neccesary to wear hats anymore. Hatman is on a mission, for country, for people, and for hats.

Kind of wierd, I know, but I had fun with it.

Glitches: There is a cool font with which I did the movie and the start screen buttons. If it doesn't show on your version of scratch, and comes up as the standard font, just go into the program, look at the costumes of each place where there is font, click edit, then OK, and hopefully it works. I worked for me. the credits button is difficult to press, but it definately works, just make sure you click on the letters.

I hope you enjoy.

(Music by Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bob Marley) Forgot to stick it in the credits.

Well I hope it works.

Have fun.

One last thing. When you get to the "Black Gates" make sure you jump into the gates and make sure that Hatman is touching the gates before you click on them. My bad if my work isn't up to scratch........ haha. I know my humour is lame. anyway thats it.


Hatman on Scratch website


High School Programming  Competition Teams

Carnegie Mellon University - Qatar hosted the High School Programming Competition (HSPC) for two of the years I worked at American School of Doha. During this competition, teams of three worked on ten problems where they had to write programs to solve each one over the course of four hours. Each correct solution earned a balloon, seen in the video.

This shy and quiet trio won 3rd place in the High School Programming Competition 2009. I had to do something to make them smile for this picture!

In 2010, two very strong teams of three competed and they placed second and fourth. Sadly, it was the last year that CMU-Q hosted the competition. Video made by me.

Created by Kim Tresohlavy using Adobe Muse

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